7/5 – Diabolo/yoyo

Day Thirteen – Wednesday, July 5


IMG_4861 2.PNG

It’s way harder than it looks!

Nothing very interesting or exciting happened today, so this blog post will be pretty short. As per usual this week, it was raining out when I left the house. However, by lunchtime it was incredibly hot and sunny – the weather here is so unpredictable!

School was pretty normal today, except for culture class, which came at the end of the day. This Wednesday’s subject was Diabolo, or Chinese yoyo. I think that I learned some basic tricks on this when I was younger in Chinese school, but it has been a long time since I’ve tried doing it. Three of our language partners are members of BNUZ’s Diabolo club and taught us how to do the basic movement of spinning the yoyo on the string. After everyone had a chance to master this basic technique, they began to show us some “beginner” tricks, which proved to be much harder than they appeared. XueYing and I were sharing a yoyo and switched back and forth trying to learn the different tricks. I was able to get the hang of three separate tricks!


Mastery at last!

The first one we did was where you have to weave the yoyo string in a certain way so that it can balance on just one stick – this was very hard to get the hang of. Second was my favorite trick, which is throwing the yoyo up in the air and catching it back on the string. I was able to throw the yoyo way above my head and still catch it, which was super fun! Finally, the most difficult trick we learned was the butterfly, which is a combination of the first two tricks. What took us the longest to figure out was how to weave the strings to create the butterfly base. From there, you would toss the yoyo up and down and catch it in the net you built. In all, this was a very fun afternoon!

Before going home I stopped at the gym for a quick workout. I really like just being able to take the bus to the gym and then walking home from there – it is both convenient and a nice break from Chinese! After dinner, my sister and mom met up with their friends for a walk around the area and took me with them. This was very nice, except that I was incredibly tired and still had to study for a test I had tomorrow. I just wish they would tell me what we are going to do before hand so that I can plan and get my work done around it instead of getting anxious during our 1.5 hour walk (which they described as a quick trip?!)