7/26 – Chill Day

Day Thirty-Four – Wednesday, July 26

Today was pretty average – nothing really stood out for me.  Class was mostly run by our TA Shuo Ning, which was more fun that usual because she added a ton of games into her lesson plan.  During these games, our class gets super competitive and a little rowdy. Isabel (our RD) was clearly shocked when she saw how loud and into these games we get, and by how lenient our teacher is with us!  I definitely lucked out with the best class and TAs.

For lunch, a bunch of us went out to a Beijing style restaurant and ordered from their “fast food” menu (the dish you ordered just served over a big plate of rice).  I was impressed by how much of the menu I could read/figure out by myself!  I ended up ordering garlic tofu over rice (so good!). After lunch, Reyna, Sydney, and I stopped for a quick photo shoot by the Bei Shi Da stones because it was such a beautiful day!IMG_4044.jpg

This afternoon we had our last culture class – dance and kungfu.  I really like learning the Mongolian dance movements; watching the language partners dance is amazing!  Kungfu was also super cool; we learned a short form complete with different steps and actions.  I realized today how different kungfu and Tang Soo Do forms are!

Since we ended class late and both my parents are out of town, I decided to go straight home.  I spent the evening with my sister and aunt.  It was great having the opportunity to spend more time with my sister, but unfortunately she was practicing piano for a lot of the time.  Her teacher wants her to practice 2-3 hours every day until her test next month, which I honestly think is way excessive and harsh for a 12 year old kid!  Even though she was practicing for a while, I still got to chat with her at dinner and later at night!