7/19 – Karate Kid

Day Twenty-Seven – Wednesday, July 18

Morning classes = check.  Nothing memorable happened in the morning.  As per usual, we played a lot of games and sang some songs… it’s pretty chill.

Lunch today was a big accomplishment for me.  I went to a Guangzhou style restaurant with Sydney and Meng Nan and we sat down at a table with just us.  For the majority of the lunch, we spoke to each other in Chinese about random topics.  Since Meng Nan is learning to drive (age here is 18, not 16), we had a big conversation about driving, drivers ed, and travel.  This was great because we were able to speak in Chinese about a random, non-rehearsed topic.  Little things like lunch conversations are coming much more easily to me, which is a great sign that I’m really learning the language!

This afternoon we had another culture class!  Today’s topics were tai chi, kung fu, and the second part of our music class.  My language partner knows a lot of tai chi and was one of our teachers for the class!  Even though it may appear to be slow and easy, tai chi is actually really difficult and requires a ton of body control and some mental strength.  For our kung fu class, the teachers first asked if anyone knew martial arts.  Matthew performed an impressive kung fu routine, and then I got to show off a little!  I just made up a short kicking set – filled with jumps and spins – to show the group.  Everyone on this program is so nice and encouraging, which makes me feel super welcome to demonstrate my talents!

Because culture classes always run really late, Katie and I caught a cab home.  It took us a super long time to catch a cab from BNUZ, and then the one we finally got in already had a person in it.  The cab ride was so long because we first had to go and drop him off and then go home ourselves.  Honestly, the bus might have been quicker.  I planned to go to the gym to workout, but since I had such little time I ended up just running for 15 minutes then taking a shower at the gym (pretty sad tbh).  The rest of the night was just chill with my family.