8/2 – Too Many “Lasts”

Day Forty-One – Wednesday, August 2nd

Wow… it is really the last day of normal classes.  Everything today felt both the same and really strange.  I think that there was this foreboding sense of sadness over the classroom, but we were still able to have tons of fun today.  I’ve felt so many different emotions this past week I really can’t even tell what’s happening anymore.


My favorite people/best friends

We did a ton of review today, or as Kaylie phrased it “the final fu xi.”  I actually feel really confident in everything that we’ve learned and even the hard idioms are starting to stick!  We played one of the best games today – it was basically steal the bacon with a Chinese question.  My team (Anthony, Lexi, and Sydney) stood on one side of the room while the other team (Katie, Matthew, David, and Garrett) stood at the other wall.  A small bowling pin was placed on a table directly in the middle.  Kaylie would say a word (either in Chinese or English) and we would all dash to the pin to grab it.  Whoever had the pin could answer the question for a point.  Sydney was a beast at this game and somehow always got there first.  David, on the other hand, took a bunch of L’s.  First, before the game even started, his feet slipped up from under him and he fell on his but.  Later, he collided into Anthony and they both got hurt.  This game was so intense and really brought out the competitive side in all of us.  The last round was where we would line up in the back of the classroom and run all the way up to the board to grab it (we were in a large lecture hall).  David somehow ran into one of the desks, rebounded into the chair, and then ended up on the ground.  This kid is so entertaining and laughs at himself when this happens, which is great.  Our TAs were so nervous for him though and we’re super cute acting like his big sisters!


再见, Maan

Later we played another review game, this time for our songs.  We would pass the mic around like hot potato and whoever had it would have to sing with the music.  Shuo Ning would then mute the music and you would have to keep singing.  It’s in games like this where I realize how much more outgoing I’ve become!

After school, Lily, Mengnan, Anthony and I hit up Maan Coffee for one last time.  We sipped our lattes while studying for the final/writing cards.  The thing I think I will miss most are the small moments like this, where I can chill with a small group of friends and language partners.  It really just feels like normal life – we’re not doing anything touristy, just going about our days and our work.  About an hour and a half later, we hopped on a bus to Yang Ming mall for a hot pot dinner.  For the last time (hopefully!), Lily led us the wrong direction to the bus stop.  Hot pot tonight was much better than all the others I’ve been to, and I loved being able to share this experience with just my closest friends, both American and Chinese!IMG_4282.JPG

Today was filled with a bunch of “lasts.”  As sad as it was to say good bye to all the places I will probably never visit again, it can’t even compare to saying goodbye to these people tomorrow.  I’ve fallen in love with China because to me, it is no longer just a place, but a group of wonderful people.