7/4 – KTV + McDonalds for the 4th

Day Twelve – Tuesday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!!  It honestly doesn’t feel like Independence Day since in China today is just a regular day.  While I’ve never hard-core celebrated July 4th in America, being away from all the festivities really made me realize that I do miss some parts of home…  Since a lot of people were feeling this way, most of us decided to get together after school for an American dinner and fun activity!


Working on our mask!

Once again, we all awoke to a monsoon outside this morning.  Zhuhai’s summers are known for their heat and rain – both of which we have all experienced too much of already!  I feel like it is really hard to get up and go to school in the pouring rain because I just want to roll over and go back to sleep.  Today’s lesson in school was actually pretty fun though!  Our teacher was out at a meeting until 10:30, so our three TAs ran the morning classes.  The TAs are super nice and really adorable!  As always, we started with our idiom of the day, then learned about Chinese gift giving culture and Peking Opera.  In class, I feel like I am subconsciously learning Chinese while engaging in a bunch of fun cultural activities and games, which is honestly a win-win situation!  During one period, our TAs even brought in blank opera masks for us to paint a traditional character’s face on!



After all of our Chinese classes today, we had another session of our community service project.  Today, we went out in our small groups (with two language partners) to survey college students around campus using the questions we created yesterday.  We all took turns asking the questions (one person would do a whole interview), however by the end we all just wanted Maya to do the talking because most of the time the rest of us spoke we were just met by confused looks.  Lots of people agreed that plastic bag use was an issue, and a lot of the college students said that they tried to use reusable bags or backpacks instead of plastic, which is great!  We have one more session of this one Thursday, and then a final day later this month.


Our KTV place was in some rural village…

After school, we all decided to go to a KTV place for karaoke.  We went to two places on campus, just to find that they were both closed (a lot of campus stores are closed for summer vacation).  When we stumbled upon a third place that was also closed, on of our language partners called the shop and convinced the owner to come in an open it for us!  Waiting for him to come was actually pretty amusing, since we were in a building on campus that backed right into rural farm land.  So we had a great view of lots of goats and farm machinery on one side, and a view of buildings and dorms on the other!  The inside of the karaoke place was super cool!  We all squeezed into one room and immediately began loading songs to our playlist.  Among some of the top hits we played were Party in the USA, Firework, and YMCA.  I’ve never done karaoke before, but it was super fun and everyone was having a great time!  For a final, 4th of July finishing touch, we ordered 10 large McDonalds fries to be delivered to the KTV place.  We were jamming out to American music and munching on fries all afternoon-evening… what a great way to spend Independence Day!  I can honestly say this will be one of my most memorable Independence Days ever.