7/25 – Best. Day. Ever.

Day Thirty-Three – Tuesday, July 25

Today was honestly the best day I’ve had in China!  Everything about it was fun and exciting!

Classes were pretty standard, but I felt like they went by super quickly today.  Our teacher and TAs really know how to design classes so that we don’t fall asleep, which I can say we all really appreciate!  For lunch, we ordered delivery again, which meant that we could spend even more time with the TAs!  They love dancing to music firing the break and a bunch of us like to join them after eating!  Everyone from all the classes hangs out in our room because we have the best music and TAs!


Nina, Mengnan, Lily, me, and Anthony

After class, Lily, Meng Nan, Nina, Anthony, and I all took the bus to the ZhuHai Opera house.  This amazing architecture (designed like two clam shells) is located on a small island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge.  After taking a million different selfies and posing for pictures by the ocean, we rented two “bikes.”  These are the kind that have four wheels and have a horizontal bench that two or theee people can sit on.  Two people peddle and one person has the working steering wheel.  We constantly changed who was in each bike because one person always had to be in the middle.



Anthony and I liked driving because we could race each other and swerve around the road… when our language partners drove we were also swerving, just not in a planned manner! I was kinda shocked at how bad Meng Nan was at driving, considering she is currently taking drivers ed with a school!  We biked on a path that goes along the edge of the island and pulled off at a couple points to take some more artsy pics.  After reaching the end, we turned around and enjoyed a fun ride back.  Lily started blasting American music from her phone and we all sang along!  She took a hilarious video of me driving one bike and singing to Uptown Funk and Anthony driving the other.


Once we returned the bikes, Lily told us that there was a calligraphy store nearby where Anthony could buy some gifts.  Unfortunately – but not surprisingly – the area she took us to did not have a calligraphy store.  But we did stumble upon a ukulele store that had a ton of different ukuleles and guitars – Anthony played us some songs while we talked to the store owners and petted their cat!  This store was a super cool find and reminded me of Hawaii and how I usually spend my summers!


Beautiful day ~ amazing friends

Finally, we went into Young Mix mall to eat dinner.  We went to a coconut chicken place where the chicken is cooked in a hot pot at the table (hot pot three nights in a row!)  Since every part of the chicken is grown in the pot, there were two legs/feet for people to eat.  Anthony and I dared each other to eat one, and after the initial repulsion we both tried it.  The taste was just like any other part of the chicken, but it was so hard to get the meat off.  I wasn’t freaking out about eating it or scared to try it, but just generally having problems eating it.  After I tried to eat a finger and heard a bone crunch, however, I was done.  IMG_3997.jpg

Once again, I made it home right in time for curfew.  I’m surprised that I keep getting home in time because I always just use the bus.  We left the mall at about 9:07 and I walked into the door of my apartment right at 9:30.  I think it’s partly just luck of when the buses run and partly me figuring out all the different routes I can take home.

Overall, today was the most fun day I’ve had here!  I got to go exploring, try new food, visit cute little shops, and spend time with my language partner and friends.