8/1 – Review and Gift Shopping

Day Forty – Tuesday, August 1

Another day of review today.  As we’re going back through all material, I’ve started to realize how much my language ability has advanced.  I honestly can’t believe that I am leaving this place so soon…

Today’s class was pretty much just a blur of review and games.  We redid a couple of our speaking exercises from earlier this summer and I am much more fluent!  One thing that I definitely need to review is the idioms and grammar structures we’ve learned.  Thankfully, our TAs know us so well that they predicted exactly what we need to review!


A drawing Kaylie made of our class (guess which one I am!)

During lunch, Sydney, Lexi and I rehearsed our dance for the closing ceremony.  We (as in Lexi) are choreographing a dance to the song “Gai Bian Zi Ji”.  It has honestly been such a blast just being able to fool around and create our own dance to this song!

After class, I couldn’t figure out what to do! I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself this past week to really go out and do something or explore each day.  But since the final was approaching and our letters for each other and thank you cards are due soon, a bunch of people just decided to go home today.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I just got on a bus and got off when I saw something I wanted to go to.  I ended up going to a mall near Anthony’s house alone.  It was actually great because I ha time to browse a ton of stores and shop for gifts.  Anthony and I had talked about splitting a adidas backpack as a gift for Lily, so after a lot of searching I finally found one for her today!   I think it’ll be a perfect gift because she never has a bag and always puts her stuff in my and Anthony’s backpacks!

On my way to the bus stop home, I helped Anthony out and stopped at a music shop to ask how much a violin case was.  I was pretty proud of myself for being able to talk to the shipowner about violins and buying a case, a random topic that I was not at all knowledgeable on.  Anthony is going to give his lp Nina his violin as a gift, which is super sweet!

Tonight I went home for what would be my last family dinner at home.  We had chicken ramen soup, which was pretty good!   For some reason, this just feels really “homey” for me, and I’m going to miss this when I go back home.

I was up super late tonight writing thank you notes and letters.  These next two days are going to be rough…