7/27 – Stamps Galore

Day Thirty-Five – Thursday, July 27

I felt like I really got to connect with some of my Chinese friends today!  Our class was taught almost solely by Zhu Zhu today and Qiu Laoshi wasn’t there the whole time, so we got to play a lot more games and chat more in class.  I’ve definitely become really close to my TAs, which is amazing because they are super funny and nice people!

Since we were feeling pretty lazy at lunch today, Sydney and I order delivery to the classroom.  After we ate, we engaged in a competitive game of Uno with a bunch of the TAs and language partners.  I love being able to spend this lunch time hanging out with the TAs and lps, and am going to miss them all so much when we leave for home!

After school Lily took Anthony and I to a shop on campus where we could print out pictures from our phone as gifts to give to Meng Nan and my host family.  I’m starting to get so nervous about gifts for people here and back home!  Once we had our pictures printed, Anthony headed home and Lily and I were off to Young Mix mall again!


Chinese thank you cards – both emotionally and mentally trying

I had a really nice conversation (half Chinese-half English) with Lily on the bus ride to Young Mix.  We were talking about her plans after college and her volunteer work (she does a ton of volunteer programs).  She is such a cool person and really loves helping other people, and I’m glad I was able to spend this one-on-one time just chatting with her!  At Young Mix, we first went to Muji because I wanted to buy stationary and gifts.  I gifted myself a brown paper notebook that in DIY stamped “Zhuhai 2017” on.  We both went to town stamping books and papers and in total probably spent 30 minutes in that one shop!  We later went to Miniso to pick up more gifts for friends back home.

Tonight was another chill night at home.  I ate dinner with my family and then chilled with them for some time.  At around 9 I retreated to my room for the night and spent a good 2 hours working on Chinese thank you cards…