7/20 – Photo Shoot

Day Twenty-Eight – Thursday, July 20

Classes the past few days haven’t been as fun because two of our TAs, Kaylie and Zhu Zhu, have been working with another group.  Shuo Ning was still with us (yay!) and took over a major teaching role.  Everyday we learn new connectives and complex grammar, which is hard but incredibly useful.


Photo shoot in the cab ft. Lilly and Mengnan

Today was the first day that the E Cart service on campus stopped running.  This meant that we had to walk for about 20 minutes across campus to get to the majority of the cheap and fast restaurants.  But I must say that the jiao zi place we had lunch at was definitely worth the hike!   I feel really bad for our TAs and language partners because they have to walk pretty far each day to get from their dorms to the classroom building.


#nofilter in Maan

After school, Anthony, Meng Nan, Lilly and I all went out for Xi’an food at a small restaurant near Anthony’s house.  We enjoyed Chinese hamburgers, liang pi noodles, and biang biang noodles.  Lilly was so excited to eat the food because she is originally from Xi’an and really misses the food.  Afterwards, we took a bus to a station near my house. We planned to get our nails done, but the place we went to seemed very expensive and we didn’t want to pay that much.  So we decided to go to Maan Coffee and just hang out for a while.  I really enjoyed talking to Meng Nan and Lilly, and we took a ton of pics together!  China has a super cool app that makes “stickers” to send in Wechat (like gifs).  We sat there for at least two hours chatting and making a million stickers!  I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends today!!