7/16 – Hangin’ with the Fam

Day Twenty-Four – Sunday, July 16

Shoutout to Ben and Rebecca – CONGRATS! Love you guys and wish I could have been there with you!!


Today I finally slept in!!  I don’t know why but even on the weekends here I have not been able to sleep past 7 (until today!)  After getting up, we embarked on our adventure for the day.

We started by getting wonton soup for breakfast at a tiny restaurant/street food place right next to my house.  My host mom tricked the owner into thinking that both my sister and I were her daughters, which really confused the owner!  I do slightly resemble my host family, and I look mostly Chinese so it could be believable that I am their kid.  After we finished eating, she told the owner I was a 美国人 (American) and everything was right again!


Our first stop for the day was a kids science museum (similar to the Boston science museum).  It was only the hands on science “games” in the hall we went to.  I enjoyed playing with the experiments, even though I was clearly too old for the experience! Afterwards, we walked around a beautiful park that backs up to the museum.  I sipped on a lemon iced tea as we took a nice, leisurely stroll around.


Sippin’ lemon tea

Here is when the day starts to get confusing.  We pulled into a car dealership and met up with Linda’s uncle.  Apparently, we were there to help him choose a new car (I kinda hoped my mom would get a new car for the carpool!).  The adults browsed cars there for about 1 hour, and then we all went to a hot pot place for lunch.  I could tell it was good because there was about an hour and a half wait (just locals, no 外国人) for a table.  We sat down at the table and then got up to get all the things we wanted to cook ourself.  This was great because you could choose exactly how much of each meat and vegetable you wanted.  They also had sushi, baozi, American food, Chinese food, milk teas, slushies, and ice cream.  Once we finally got seated, we probably spent about two hours eating… lunch didn’t end until 4pm.  In the afternoon, we went to two more car dealerships then went home for a desperately needed 2 hour rest break.


Hot pot!!!

When our rest was over, it was about 6:30 and none of us were hungry for dinner.  We went back out to the street for some 糖水 (tang shui), which is a Guangdong specialty.  Basically, it is cold, soupy sweet milk/water with small bobas in it… so good!  I also got a sesame “pizza” – it was just like thin crust pizza with sesame seeds and hot sauce!

Today was super fun and I love doing things with the host fam, but overall exhausting.