7/3 – Dreary Monday

Day Eleven – Monday, July 3

Today was probably the slowest day I’ve had yet. I had an extremely rough night of sleep and then woke up to my mom knocking on my door. I had to rush to leave the house in time, and to make the morning all the brighter is was a huge monsoon outside. There were literally buckets of water just pouring down from the sky. We were then stuck in traffic for about one hour (normal drive is 20 minutes). It was definitely not a pleasant start to the day.


Fog over BNUZ (PC Anthony)

School is still fun and interesting, but today I could barely even stay awake. Especially in the morning when we are learning our lesson for the day, I could just feel the energy of the class hit rock bottom. Maybe it’s because of the weather, maybe because it was Monday, or maybe just because we’ve learned some of the words before. No matter the reason, I honestly thought the class was just going to fall asleep.

Thankfully, our teacher likes to include lots of culture points and incorporate other types of learning into her schedule. Each day, we learn a Chinese idiom, new Chinese song, and starting today some facts about a certain Chinese city. Our teacher told us that since we already have the basics down and can hold simple conversations, it is especially important for us to learn the culture and customs while we are here in China. I 100% agree with this, as I can learn the language and characters anywhere or in any class, but I can only really learn the culture here by living it.

At the end of the day, we began our community service project that nsliy coordinates. Each nsliy program is required to do 10 hours of community service, and our Zhuhai group’s coordinator chose to focus our impact on the environment. Specifically, we are designing our own propaganda campaign to try and reduce the use of plastic bags in Zhuhai. Plastic waste is a huge problem for the world, and China is one of the leading producers of this waste. In order to tackle this task, we began today by designing a simple survey to ask local Chinese people. Included questions include how many bags do you use, do you use reusable bags, and do you think that plastic bag use is an issue and if so, how can we fix it. Tomorrow, we are going to go around BNUZ with out language partners and survey college students. Later this week, I think we are going to create physical signs and propaganda to put up around campus.

Since I was so tired today after school (which was an hour longer because of community service), I decided to just come straight home and chill. I really want to explore Zhuhai (especially the downtown by the ocean) and hope to make time after school some days this week. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so I think a bunch of us are going to go to the beach and then out to dinner!