7/17 – Monsoon Season

Day Twenty-Five – Monday, July 17

Today was pretty typical.  Morning classes were normal, nothing exceptional happened. However, the building our classes were in was much more crowded today, as a family summer camp was happening in the big lecture room right across from our classes.  I think the camp is for environmental protection and invited families to attend.  I think both the camp attendees and we were surprised by the other’s presence.  A bunch of people came up to our group to ask to take pictures with us, and many tried to “sneak” pictures of us while we were sitting in our classroom.  It was pretty funny watching our TAs constantly chase away the people taking pics!


Dictation quiz tomorrow!

Today marked the first day that BNUZ was “closed down” for summer break.  What this means for us is that almost all of the canteens, supermarkets, small stores, and some restaurants are closed.  This makes it a lot harder to get lunch, and means that the already tight stipend really won’t cut it for food anymore.  Katie, Sydney, and our language partners ate at a traditional Guangzhou restaurant for lunch.  While the food was great, it’ll definitely be more expensive if we eat at a restaurant every day.

Nothing eventful happened during the afternoon classes.  When we left class, it was legit monsooning outside!  I got on the bus to go to the gym, but had to get off two stops later just to get into Zack’s mom’s car (she then drove us to the gym).  This definitely didn’t make sense (like a lot of stuff in China), but did get me to the gym faster so I’m not complaining.

Tonight was my host family’s house visit with Isabel, Emily, and the host family coordinator.  They came over around 7 just after visiting Anthony.  We ate a large dinner and my parents kept feeding Isabel (it’s definitely funny when you’re not the one being fed!).  After dinner, they just chatted for a while and then left.  I think the point was just to see how the family dynamic is.  Isabel told me that it really seemed like my host parents liked me (they kept saying how much “easier” it was to have me compared to their previous year’s student because I want to go out with them and am an adventurous eater).  Personally, I think we are meshing well as a family and feel like I lucked out with my family!

This whole post was written while I was on the bus alone figuring out how to go home.  I’ve gone native!