7/10 – Just a regular day (in China!)

Day Eighteen – Monday, July 10

Honestly, I don’t remember anything very memorable happening today so this post is going to be very quick. School is pretty fun because of all the cultural things our TAs do with us each day – such as the song, idiom, and city – but today nothing really stood out. For lunch, a bunch of the TAs planned a special, surprise lunch for birthday boy Zack at a restaurant on campus. Probably at least 10 of us went (all with our language partners) to the restaurant, which even made a large chocolate cake with “Happy Birthday Zack” written on it. This was an adorable gesture, and I really love how much each of our language partners care about us!



After school, Abigale and I decided to go and work out at the gym. I really love going to the gym because I always have a lot of time to kill after school and need to do some exercise to countermand all the food I’m eating here! My sister usually gets home first, and usually not until at least 6:30, so I typically have 3 to 4 hours of free time before I have to go home – this is way more freedom than most of my friends have and I’m very grateful for that!

The one thing that stood out from the day was helping my sister with her English homework this evening. She had to read a short passage (which was honestly not even 100% grammatically correct) and answer a couple questions about it. The topic was how China and America view “lucky” numbers – which I personally found pretty funny to be a basic paragraph topic! During this time, she helped teach me Chinese and I tried to help her with English. Overall, it was a very cute and unique bonding experience!