6/30 – Dictation Quiz #1

Day Eight – Friday, June 30

Wow!  Already one week down!  So far, this trip has been amazing in every single aspect!  I feel like I’ve been here for more than a month, yet at the same time I can’t believe a whole week is behind us.


Practicing my characters!

Today was fairly uneventful.  Our teacher had a meeting until 10am, so our teacher assistants ran the classes in the morning.  This was actually so much fun!  Instead of learning Chinese in the conventional sense, we learned about Huitong Village (where we will visit tomorrow), songs and idioms, and Chinese social media.  Once our teacher arrived, we had our short dictation quiz.  Much to my surprise, I only got one character wrong!  It was 袜子 (wa4 zi) because all of the clothes have the same left half, so I wrote down the wrong right half of “wa”.  Once again this afternoon we were allowed to use the calligraphy brushes and water to practice our characters.  I can already tell that we are moving at a much faster and more appropriate pace, and I am excited to learn more Chinese!


Today’s lesson + vocabulary

After school, no real plans were made for all of us to go somewhere.  Since I was exhausted (I’m getting less sleep here than in the US!) I decided to just go home and rest for a little while.  Then I went to my gym, which is a safe space where I can workout and unwind.  Today I ran a little bit on the treadmill and did some individual spinning on a bike.  Afterwards, I took a long, cold shower under their waterfall shower heads.  Honestly, the nice showers are probably the best part about the gym (my shower at home is clean and works, it just isn’t very nice or comparable to my US one).

Not too much happened today, so this post is pretty short.  This weekend will be packed full of events, all of which I am looking forward to!