About Me

I’m Tully Liu, a Delaware teenager with a passion for traveling and language learning.  I attend a private, Catholic high school in Wilmington, Delaware and plan on attending college in 2020.  In my free time, I love running, playing lacrosse, practicing karate, spending time with my friends and family, volunteering at my local zoo, and studying Chinese.  One of my lifelong goals is to visit countries in every continent and make lasting friendships and ties to each community I visit.

I applied for a NSLI-Y scholarship to study abroad for the 2017 summer in China.  A student involved in the Chinese program at my high school told me about the program after she went to China on it the previous summer.  I submitted my initial application in October, 2016 and first heard that I was a semi-finalist in early December.  I was alerted of my finalist status in March, 2017.  I am elated to be involved in NSLI-Y and feel that I have been granted the experience of a lifetime by the State Department.